May 23, 2018


The Xman
Producer/Radio DJ
of Real Gospel 
Jimmy Hicks
Gospel Artist/Pastor
This week Bishop Jimmy Hicks is a guest on Real Gospel and The Xman has been trying to catch up with him for a long time! His latest song is “I owe God a praise” and you don’t want to miss the story behind this anointed man of God!!

Bishop Jimmy Hicks was born July 12, 1963 in Sebring, FL to the parents Jimmy and Jessie Hicks. He has 5 siblings 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  He has been in Florida most of his life so he has endured the Sunshine and the Hurricanes in Florida. Bishop Hicks is The Pastor of the Apostolic Church of Jesus in West Palm Beach, FL.   He is also East Coast District  Overseer of 5 Churches located on the East Coast of Florida. Bishop Hicks also holds the title of General Board Member of The Apostolic Church of Jesus which consist of 19 churches under the leadership of Chief Apostle Dr. Preston Rolle Sr.

Bishop Hicks has 3 beautiful children Jasmine, Li'l Jimmy and Jeremy. God has blessed him in the music industry and he decided a long time ago that he wanted to copyright songs and start recording,  God has Blessed him in his recording of songs such as "Turn It Around" in 2001, "Blessed Like That", "Babylon, and "Crossroads" in 2003 "Born Blessed" in 2006, "God's Got It" in 2009 and "Back Up", "Move, "It Will Come To Pass" and more. He realizes that people are living in critical times and you need to have and feel the spirit for divine direction and clarity of thought in order to make it through. *** Click here to listen to the interview. ****