May 17, 2017

Keisha A. Rivers on SPSN

 Keisha A. Rivers-Shorty
Author of Be The Creator
of Your Success Not A Victim
of Your Circumstances.
  Keisha A Rivers-Shorty stopped by SPSN online studio to talk with Host Diandra about her book "Be The Creator of Your Success Not A Victim of Your Circumstances". She shares how a turn-of-event changed her life, and birthed this book to help others reach their full potential.

More on her book: Do you find yourself longing for more and wanting something different or better, only to feel trapped by the experience of living that is everyday life? Have you found yourself thinking--"If only things were different, I would..."--more often than not? If this is your reality, then this book is a "must-read" that provides you with a simple, straight-forward guide to changing your mindset; shifting your systems; transforming your perceptions and changing your reality to create the life you were destined to live. Purchase Her Book 

Take a listen to Diandra's interview-conversation with Keisha A. Rivers-Shorty as she talks on her book and so much more. Listen Here  

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