Aug 21, 2016


 ETHAN KENT Released All New Single "GET THE GLORY" Birthed From Tragedy to Inspire Victory! Two years after the success of WORK IN PROGRESS, tremendous growth in the industry, elevation in music ministry leadership and experiencing many exciting and heart breaking life events, the Dallas based artist is now preparing for a new album and is releasing a single “GET THE GLORY”.

More about Ethan Kent: 

Born in Milwaukee, Ethan's hard-working, hard-praying single mother invested in his nascent artistry. For more than a dozen years, Ethan honed his dazzling array of talents as a worship leader who led adults, youths, and children in traditional and contemporary gospel serving at his local church. Ethan emerged from his church-rooted, musical apprenticeship as a first-rate songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and recording artist.

Ethan’s ever-evolving creative muse has not gone unnoticed. He has appeared at numerous festivals, conferences and churches, plus performances at the Stellar Awards, Word Network and Christian Broadcast Network’s Turning Point.

The album’s climactic, disco-tinged leadoff single, My Hope Is In Glory was a Top-25 gospel Billboard hit in 2013. READ MORE

You can hear Ethan's "Get The Glory" here on SpiritSoul Radio Network station and many other gospel artists like him.

Switchinlanes "Rhythm of Heaven"

Switchinlanes "Rhythm of Heaven"
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